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" STATE PARAMEDICAL FACULTY, LUCKNOW " was established in view of public interest for root level  need of Para Medics . It  was established in 2018 under IT Act duly Registered with the  Government of India. This organization "State Paramedical Faculty-Lucknow" was formed to impart education , research & Development in Para Medical Science, Allied or Traditional and Alternative Medicine other then Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. In this information bulletin  would like to tell you that State Paramedical Faculty is a self financed and self governed body  working autonomously.


Scientist from whole world are busy to invent new equipment, medicines and machines in interest medical Science of modern era and have more new equipment like Ultrasound, X-rays, ECG, Endoscope, Colonoscopy, C.T. Scan , Laparoscopic, Lithography and Dialysis etc. which are very useful for diagnostic and treatment purpose, whole of the world as well as India, but the Doctors invest a big time with these modern machines without trained technical staff which is tiring and busiest task for the specialist, which can decrease their efficiency and without trained and technical assistance they are helpless to conduct research work. Beside it that is not only difficult but quite impossible to diagnose a patient and test the diseases without technical assistance. So there is a great demand of medical technicians in various medical field in India and abroad at present.

As per the Government officials there is no Act or Council to regulate the hiring and functioning of Paramedics in the country. There is no way of ascertaining the work record or conduct of a particular Para Medic. They also said that there is a great need of trained Para medical Staff to ascertain the fulfilling of the rising need in this sector which is technically upgrading at a faster pace and to further not only assist a Doctor in the best possible way but to support the overall health system.

Due to shortage of trained technicians for various equipment's/machines, untrained personals are employed on payments or daily basis to handle these sophisticated equipment's and machines. Gradually they are to be trained to handle these to discharge their duties.

It is a time of Globalization of education. Indian government also promoting privatization of the education on the pattern of western countries or also promoting non government organization to come forward to meet the need of Hospital providing job oriented courses and training. Thus, State Paramedical Faculty, Lucknow decided to come up to meet the ever growing demand of paramedical technicians from hospitals, pathology & diagnostic labs, nursing home etc. The aim of the council is to overcome the gaps by providing quality modern and affordable education to the Indian youth.

This diploma/certificate are job oriented and self employment courses and eligible for all kinds of job in private, corporate, multinational companies or government/semi-government sector in India & abroad.  But STATE PARAMEDICAL FACULTY, LUCKNOW and its affiliated Institutions does not give any kind of guarantee for Job.

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