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The Governing Body of the State Paramedical Faculty Lucknow satisfied that it is a necessary in the public interest to fame rule for the establishment of Para Medical Institutes, the courses of study, the conduction of examination, the standard of courses and to maintain uniformity in these courses. State Paramedical Faculty Lucknow was established on 2018 and Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 and Also Registered with MSME Registration No. UANUP50D0013436 (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Govt. of India).This body working under its own constitution.By laws to assure and promote the quality in the Para Medical Courses. The Faculty conduct the Examinations, issue diploma certificates and registration to deserving candidates, The Faculty Affiliation the institutes and issue norms, standard and guidelines itself to regulate the field of Para Medical Education.

--Dr. Vinod Kumar

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